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Ford Endeavour neatly modified into latest model that is not launched in India

Mar 25, 2023Mar 25, 2023

By Ajeesh Kuttan

Published: June 3, 2023

The Ford Endeavour used to be one of India's popular full-size SUVs. However, in 2021, Ford officially ceased its operations in the Indian market. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is still providing services to its existing customers. Although the Ford Endeavour received an official update internationally, it was never introduced in India. Recently, aftermarket kits have become available in the market for the Endeavour, resulting in a few modifications being seen. Here is a neatly modified Ford Endeavour that resembles the Ford Everest, which is the latest-generation Endeavour sold in South East Asian markets such as Thailand and Indonesia.

The video was uploaded by Rajni Chaudhary on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger interviews the owner of a Ford Endeavour who has undertaken modifications to give the SUV the appearance of a current generation Endeavour or Everest. The front-end of the SUV has undergone a complete transformation, and the owner has made additional alterations to the vehicle. These modifications were carried out by Madaan Radios, a car customization garage located in Haryana. As part of the conversion process, certain panels on the Endeavour had to be replaced.

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The SUV has received several modifications, including a new bonnet, front grille, headlamp, bumper, and fenders. The body kit gives the Endeavour a wider appearance. Impressively, the owner even managed to obtain the Everest emblem for the SUV's bonnet. Unlike the painted front grille found on the original model, this SUV features the visible Ford lettering. Additionally, a couple of LED flashers have been installed in the front grille, while marker lamps are positioned just below the SUV's bonnet. The bumper of the new Everest differs from the previous generation and includes a silver-colored skid plate on the lower portion. The projector fog lamps are also neatly integrated within the bumper itself.

The design of the headlamps is different, taking inspiration from Ford's F-150 pickup trucks available in the international market. The SUV's bonnet now appears more muscular, lending it a taller stance compared to the standard model. When observing the side profile, one can attribute the SUV's increased height to the wheels. The owner had already removed the original stock wheels and had been using 20-inch wheels. However, after the conversion, the old wheels didn't complement the car's new look. Consequently, the owner decided to replace them with larger 22-inch wheels. The new wheels were installed using spacers, contributing to the SUV's heightened appearance.

The rear of the SUV showcases some notable changes. The stock Endeavour tail lamps have been swapped out with aftermarket LED units. Additionally, there is an illuminated tailgate plate featuring the word "Everest." While the rear bumper remains unchanged, a small body kit has been added, complete with faux exhaust tips. A sizable roof-mounted spoiler is also a notable addition to the project.

Moving to the interior, the SUV maintains a simple design. Only the plastic panels on the doors have received a carbon fiber finish, and the original steering wheel has been replaced with an aftermarket one. Ambient lights have also been incorporated as part of the customization. Although the owner does not disclose the precise cost of the modifications, they mention that the kit itself may amount to approximately Rs 2 to 2.5 lakh.

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