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Hardware Huddle featuring: SKATEPLATE & BuildFrame Technologies

Apr 28, 2023Apr 28, 2023

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Hardware Huddle is the gathering place for building brands, expanding influence and improving the lives of the homeowners through home improvement.

Hardware Huddle hosts a number of companies to achieve its' purpose of influencing the nation in home improvement. "I want this event to be the Coachella of Hardware" says owner and founder Brian Stearns.

There are many companies represented at Hardware Huddle, on Thursday's show, we featured SKATEPLATE and BuildFrame.

SKATEPLATE transforms your circular saw into a mobile handheld saw. "SKATEPLATE is like a shoe for your saw.' The Skateplate has two basic pieces: a rolling base (the Skateplate) and a rolling fence (the SkateGuide). The base plate acts to reduce friction as you glide your circular saw across any material you're cutting with a set of polyurethane rollers.

Used together, the SKATEPLATE and SkateGuide transform a circular saw into a portable table saw that glides across cutting surfaces, provides greater control and accuracy, saves time and money, eliminates friction and improves safety by reducing saw kickback. Make multiple, identical rip cuts in-seconds. SKATEPLATE's patented wide roller system keeps the saw rolling in a straight line and reduces dangerous saw kickback, the gliding action of the rollers prevent friction and reduce user fatigue while preventing scratching of the finished surface. For more information visit and follow them on social media @circsawtechnologies

From the table saw to scaffolding, BuildFrames is making work easier.

BuildFrames makes scaffolding compact, and portable. "One can easily pickup scaffolding products from the store and carry them to their vehicle." The Portable scaffolding maintains its's loading capacity and functionality. At BuildFrames company reps say, - they are proud they've made a portable sturdy scaffolding that can be built upon to do the toughest of jobs. Reps go on to add: they make life easier for the contractor, construction worker or DIYer. Their fleet of Frame Scaffolding products are specially-designed for seamless functionality and can be easily integrated. From BuildFrames Base Plates to Safety Guardrail Kits and secure Leveling Jacks, innovative add-ons are purpose-built to boost your job site safety. They are one of the largest and most trusted scaffold suppliers in North America and worldwide. With a focus on the retail and small contractor market, Build Frames manufactures and sells frame/brace and baker style scaffolds with all related accessories.

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